Electron Tubes a scheduled end...

Following the retirement of Michel Wiams, our product manager and manager for Electronic Tubes, we regret to inform you of our decision to abandon the distribution of Electronic Tubes and to concentrate our activity in the field of Semiconductors..

Halfin SA was founded in 1947 by Leon Halfin, a pioneer in its sector with a simple concept: to be a single product specialist (Electron Tubes) and a leader in the worldwide market.

After Michel's departure, it will no longer be possible for us to follow up and advise the 4500 customers with whom Michel has built up privileged relationships. This is why we have decided to end our activity in this sector after 70 years of presence.

And Then...

We invite you to take advantage of the 300,000 pieces of electron tubes still available in stock on Electols.com, to ensure the proper functioning of your installations or to enrich your collection.

The stock of electron tubes is exclusively on sale here and while stocks last.

Halfin SA will keep on focusing on its core business, the distribution of Semiconductors, and strengthen its position as a recognized authority for both active and passive components.

Our qualified team, capitalizing on its high-level expertise and market intelligence, is striving to provide you with numerous tools and valuable insights from which you could benefit.

December 2017

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