Tubes used in laboratory application are very diversified due to the wide range of application of electron tubes
Here are to give you some idea some kind of tubes used in laboratory and scientific industry

Geiger-Müller-Tubes  for:
- Safety monitoring
- Nuclear power engineering, control and monitoring
- Industrial high precious measurement
- Level monitoring
- Oil prospecting
- Monitoring of radioactive traces in Chemistry, Agriculture and Medicine

Photomultipliers and Phototubes  for:
- Clinical  Analysers
- Electron Microscopy
- Mass spectrometers
- Particle counting
- Medical Imaging
- Spectrometry
- Steel Thickness Gauging
- X-Ray diffractometer
- Radiometry

Brands such as Philips – RTC – LND – Centronics – EMI – RCA – Hammamatsu we do have available in stock

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