We are sure that if you consult this part of our on line shop you must be an audio entousiast.

Maybe you want to update your audio amplifier, guitar amplifier, headset amplifier, juke-box or your tube microphone or any other audio equipment.

Then you are at the right place. We do have stock of current production tubes from Sovtek, Tungsol, Genalex, Electro Harmonix, Shuguang and so on but what we mostly have is a huge inventory of NOS tubes in different USA, European and Japanse brands of all different kind that might improve the performance and sound of your preferred amplifier.

Also if you might have some personal project in mind to build your own amplifier Electols might be a good source to find what you need.

We do have triodes, double-triodes, pentodes, rectifiers, subminiatures triodes, subminiature diodes, beam pentodes, beam tetrode, double diodes, nuvistors and so on.

Here are some brands we stock but there many other brands: Tungsram - Philips - Tesla - RFT - Ultron - Valvo – Radio Technique Compelec - Adzam - Telefunken  - Siemens - GE - RCA - Radiotechnique - Brimar - Sylvania - India - Japan - Westinghouse - Motorola - Amperex - Adzam - Honeywell - KenRad - National - Landsdale – Mazda – Cossor – Thomson/CSF – Mullard – Tronal – Pope – Miniwatt/Dario - National Union - KenRad - CBS - Tung-Sol - Raytheon – STC- Philips/ECG and many more.

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