About us

Our company

Halfin Electronics has always had a role as an independent distributor and product specialist, particularly recognized for market niches.

Our knowledge of the specificity of the semiconductor market puts us in alternative leader in the franchised distribution.

Our customers are both European and American or Asian.

We strive for excellence and foster the development of close and special relationship with our EMS and OEM customers.

A permanent exchange of information with our customers allows us to better meet their needs which sometimes lead us to become a true extension of their departments purchase

We are on the semiconductor market for over 40 years and the enduring relationships we have established with our customers and our suppliers make us effective.

40 years of experience for Semiconductors.
67 years of experience in electron tubes.

Our mission

  • Help buyers to provide more component available from franchised distributor
  • Helping buyers provide their current products at the best market prices in order to increase their profit margins by providing access to available stocks worldwide.
  • Always and exclusively be traceable sources and an impeccable product.
  • Shorten delivery times when those offered by distributors local franchisees are too long and inappropriate
  • We are also interested in such products mature or discontinuous, obsolete and rare

New time, New challenges

Many major new elements have emerged since 2000 and the environment has changed dramatically:

We face changes, our team work with passion and purpose as customer satisfaction.

For more information, please visit the website Halfin Electronics SA

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